Slashed price  Free installation for all fiber plans (a $199 savings!)

Slashed price

Free installation for all fiber plans (a $199 savings!)


Find the best offers in your area.

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Providing you with the speed you need to get things done

Fidium@Work is a 100% fiber internet product for businesses that depend on connections.
It’s business internet made easy
Fidium@Work simply works—a connection you can count on. Get the impressive reliability of a dedicated 100% fiber line straight to your address. Fiber’s ultra-fast download and upload speeds are symmetrical, unlike any other internet connection. You’ll have a stronger WiFi signal at your beck and call. And your budgeting will be just as predictable and solid with our straightforward pricing.
Upload speed is important for business
Enjoy super-smooth video calls, send large files in the blink of an eye and create superb content in the cloud.
Attune@Work™ WiFi app – smart and secure
Get unique insights on customer interests and unparalleled business intelligence. This smart app offers more than any competitor—and extra security, too.
The price you see is the price you get
Get the price you’re expecting every time. No gimmicks or hidden fees—rely on predictable pricing for your monthly budget.
99.9% reliable connection
You have crucial operations happening on multiple devices, on multiple apps. Pick the connection you can depend on.

Choose the business speed you need and get FREE installation

There are no required contracts, and you can enjoy the same great download and upload speed across all plans!

Speeds not available in all areas.



Enjoy easy file-sharing, smooth video calls, and seamless point-of-sale transactions


Transfer large files instantly and enjoy no-glitch videoconferencing and streaming


Got a lot of traffic? 1 Gig handles heavy cloud computing, multiple servers, and all your online backups


No limits with this heavy-bandwidth plan that supports seamless cloud app usage and massive file uploads


Included with all plans:
No contracts
Keep all your options open with no contract and freedom to change plans
No bundling
Don’t get tied down to complicated plans—choose straightforward pricing
No gimmicks
Predictable pricing with no hidden fees, every year
No data cap
No need to check data caps—you don’t have any!
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All business plans include:

  • Advanced WiFi for wide range and fast speeds
  • Attune@Work™ smart WiFi app to easily manage your network
  • Proactive network monitoring to identify any issues before problems arise
  • $5 discount for Paperless Billing and Autopay
  • Dynamic IP address for optimal business performance

Intelligent WiFi built to empower your business

Fidium’s Attune@Work™ smart WiFi empowers you to have complete command over your business’s WiFi experience, all without the need for intricate configurations or IT requirements. Our user-friendly mobile app, available at no cost, provides you with a comprehensive 360° perspective of your entire WiFi network. Conduct speed tests, monitor online users, resolve issues, and manage settings effortlessly through a straightforward interface that’s available to you around the clock.
Business Connectivity
Consistent connectivity
No more glitching or buffering! Get super-fast, wall-to-wall connectivity with Link™ service.
Secure access
Secure access
Keycard™ gives you peace of mind with employee-only access to business WiFi, plus workforce management tools.
Guest Wifi
Guest WiFi
Separate WiFi for guests from Concierge™ enables data insights on their online usage to drive your website optimization.
Small business security
Small business security
Shield™ offers 24/7 enterprise-grade cybersecurity customized for small business. Quarantine rogue devices, protect against suspicious activity, and benefit from automatic ad-blocking.
Business Movement Detection
Movement detection
Flow™ is an innovative new feature that detects movement near any room on your network and each connected device. Improve security on your premises or monitor your space usage for business planning.

Fidium@Work can give your small business a boost

  • Consultants and freelancers who need a dedicated internet connection for maximum productivity
  • Lawyers, accountants, realtors and others in fast-paced professional services who need real-time information
  • Retail stores of all kinds where fast, secure customer transactions are vital
  • Local restaurants and bars that need strong WiFi for customer satisfaction
  • Inventory-based businesses like repair shops that depend on super-fast online ordering
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